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An awesome MMORPG, set in space. It works nice on slow connections, and you don't have to pay if you don't want to.

You get a ship. You can kill enemy ships for money, buy new parts or new ships, join a team, conquer galaxies, PvP, and some other very cool things. The goal of the game is to, literally, become emporer of the universe; when this happens, the universe implodes, and a new one is formed with all new places to explore (but you keep your ship and your level, so you don't have to start -completely- over).
I logged onto SS today, and Tobal conquered the universe! I guess there's going to be a new universe coming up soon. Hope they get rid of that gigantic sun in Iola, the fucking thing blinds me every time I enter the galaxy.
by Lunari June 09, 2005
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