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An arrogant but yet an egocentric celebrity, TV character, or actor that gets far too much of attention and screen time on television, movies, and online shows far too often, without even showing signs of thinking about the other folks or even their own family and friends, but only to think of fame, money, screen hogging, and their own fans like the bastards that they are.
"Listen up you money greedy fame hogging cheapskate! We are blaming you for hogging almost every TV show and movie we all know in love no matter how much all the attention comes to you for all you get, this is what makes you act like a star billing bastard this whole entire time, you are the overuse of filmography and television you stupid money greedy, uneducated, cheapskate of a star billing bastard that you already fucking are!"
by MattGuy November 18, 2018
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