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A special school in Stanly County made of 90% Americans, 10% other. The sexuality there is very diverse, but that’s okay. There’s a group of freshman and sophomores who always play volleyball outside in the courtyard and everyone hates them with a burning passion. Everyone mostly just tolerated 5% of the freshman because everyone is very weird. And annoying. There’s this one kid who you don’t wanna be out in a group with. He changes the font all the time on the google docs and slides. And there’s another girl who never stops talking about France. Even though she knows nothing about the country. Other than that, if you’re gonna come here, be prepared and make friends with the 5% of people that others actually like.
“Do you see those kids who are always playing volleyball?”
“Yeah, they probably go to Stanly Early College.”
by lolbitchwtfno54 May 20, 2019
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