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Stand and Model or the shorthand SM is a term use to describe a subsect of people found within the fetish, Kink and BbSm lifestyle\scene that are known for attending fetish events in fetish clothing and not do anything but stand around and look pretty in their clothing, hence the term Stand and Model.

while most often the abbreviation SM is shorthand for the term Sadomasochism, but not exclusively as it can also be shorthand for Slave\Master, an sadism and masochism.

but as of lately SM has taken on the additional meaning with in the fetish scene to Stand and Model.
"Hey John what's up with that girl over there? I ask her if she like to play and she said she was not here to play, it was not her thing. what's up with her?

"It's not your fault Bill, She's one of those Stand And Model types, she here just to show off her new latex dress I bet."
by RealDom December 28, 2011
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