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One of the best musicians of the mid 1980's. He wrote chart-topping hits such as "The Touch" and "Dare". Both these hits were in the award winning motion picture "The Transformers: The Movie", which premiered in 1986.
Wow look at Stan Bush shred that guitar!
by Basket-o-love August 31, 2008
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Singer/Songwriter who gained fame through such epic hits as "Touch" and "Dare", songs that featured in the acclaimed 'Transformers Movie'... perfect tunes to release your best air guitar and screeching rock ‘n roll vocals upon the world, especially when under the influence...

Also perfect music when playing late night table tennis sessions in a garage with mates...
Example of a classic Stan Bush lyric - "You've got THE TOUCH!! You've got the Poweeeerrrrrr, Yeah!!"
by Jimmy Bluesocks September 24, 2006
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