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The clinically insane inhabitants of a Stairwell, hell bent on chaos, anarchy, and the pursuit of Root beer.

Founded in 2003 at a Bear Creek High school, the Stairwellians main habitat is in a Stairwell. They strive to be different, with a passion like no other. They may be a friendly grouping of clinically insane people, but if upset with there surroundings they may perform a ritual known only as a Stairwellian Rebellian. The daily lives of a Stairwellian is to meet in the morning outside there stairwell, then proceeding to salute and hug each other they proceed to be late for class. The Stairwellians meet once again at lunch period where they talk and discuss various events during the day. Once again after proceeding to class late, they meet outside the stairwell at the conclusion to the day and bid there farewells. The ideal food for a Stairwellian is raw cookie dough and root beer, also an occasional Hump Day Buffet. Please be forewarned when approaching a Stairwellian, for there is a high probability of being hugged and/or licked.
Oh my, there goes one of those Stairwellians.

The Kid's in the stairwell, there the stairwellians.
by CrimsonBlood March 06, 2005
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