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It is the feeling you get when after something has happened you think of all the things you could have said.

It originates from the french phrase 'L'esprit d'escalier' litterally translated as 'Wit on the stairs' meaning the feeling you get when you fall down the stairs you think of all the witty things you could have said but didn't.
* Ellie sees Max, her crush walk past *
Ellie: "Hey Max"
Max: "Oh hey Ellie, how're you?"
Ellie: "I... I..." *is unable to form words at the sight of Max*
Max: "Well it was nice seeing you..."
* Max walks off *

Ellie: "Damn Stair Wit! I could've at least asked him how he was or something!"
by Intelligable Rambler August 11, 2011
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