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A medical, physiological and often financial condition sometimes experienced by males from their late-twenties to their mid-thirties (or any period in their lives in which large numbers their peers are reaching the ultimate and inescapable conclusion of the courting process). The number of stag-dos (or ‘bachelor-parties’ for users of the Atlantic dialect of the language commonly known as ‘Simple English’) experienced in a short periods of time can cause a form of fatigue well recognised within the LAD community.
'Deano, as a mate, yeah, can you honestly tell me how knackered and skint are you? We’ve had Gav’s stag in Marbs in May, yeah, Ste’s in Tenerz in June, and now we’ve got Wozza’s coming up in Blackpool in July. I’m not kicking off or owt coz I’m well made up to be out with the lads but I’ve properly got stag-fatigue. To be fair, Vegas for Dan’s in August is gonna be sick even though Tony won’t be able to make it after the ban he got after the incident on the flight to Kavos for Dan’s. Shall we have another sambuca?'
by Pengers July 23, 2018
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