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The act of going stag to a social event, i.e. a wedding or party, alone with the purpose of finding a random person to have sex with and jab it in.
Billy: Hey, you find a date for that wedding?

Jimmy: Nah. I plan to pull a stag and jab.
by Qban25 May 23, 2011
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A typical alpha male dick move, will prey upon the insecurities of his handsome young target for instance, Valentines Day, and while appearing single and sweet and heartfelt at first it finally dawns upon his prey, as the door slams shut behind him wedding ring back on, no number, no goodbye, he was just trying to get it in and you, well you let him think you fell for it because lawd knows you got yours!!
If Joses typical stag and jab routine couldn't work at a singles mixer on Valentines day, well he had other issues to tend to, like that alpacha on his head. Oh I mean toupee. Ew
by CWRocksNYC September 20, 2016
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