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Individuals under the impression that the internet community has an actual interest in their inner workings. Where they ramble on about how fucked up their life is, hoping readers will reach round and pick some shit out of their colon so as to give it to the author.

Topics covered are often classed in the category of: "reasons to break up with someone", "maybe it IS time to slit your wrists" and "actually my goldfish leads a more exciting life every 3 seconds".
Staff Blog Lozers: woe is me, I woke up, got dressed, did a shit, then went to school, learned to drive, met a boy who doesn't let me sleep, apparently pwned the shit out of a n00b but all I really did was show I can outshout a 12 year old, and now I talks about the girl I love, so much you'll want to vomit.

Dipshit Reader: ZOH MY GOD U R AWESOMECAKES! I want to have you children, be your child or be the child you touch when everyone else in the family goes to sleep.
by Blog Hater October 14, 2008
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