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A law which states that: given sufficient time, some internet user, somewhere, will have posted elaborate arguments for one person, thing, idea or phenomenon being the cause of all of the world's modern day problems. The argument is likely far-fetched.
Joe: Man, the Middle East is getting crazier every day.
Matt: I read a great article the other day about how Middle Eastern instability is primarily caused by Western expectations of gender-role conformity. That also causes income inequality, Donald Trump, and government corruption.
Joe: The only thing you just proved is that Stack's Law of Universal Causality is true.

Jessica: OMG! Why are there so many starving children in Africa.
LeJuana: You see, when you get down to it, Islamic extremism is the primary cause of global hunger, and our poor stock-markets!
Jessica: How do you know that?
LeJuana: I read a tell all article on it at!
Jessica: That's just Stack's Law of Universal Causality at work.
by GreatHillOfTara August 01, 2016
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