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(refers to the mob shooting in 1929 - the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and the St. Valentine's Day itself; comes from "massacre" and "sucker") a total destruction of hopes and dreams of people who sent Valentine cards to their dream-boyfriends/-girlfriends, where they usually finally have the courage to show their feelings, hoping that this would allow them to start a beautiful relationship - the hopes and dreams end up with a failure (because of being rejected by the "beloved one"), often involving being made fun of and laughted at in front of the whole class or school and eventually called a loser and a sucker;
Alan fell in love with Jen the very moment he saw here, but she was out of his league. He was always somewhere around her, waiting for the right moment to tell here about his feelings. And so there was St. Valentine's Day. He sent her a beautiful, hand-made card, where he described his affection. Not only did she rejected him, but also showed the card to all the worst possible people she could have shown it to, so they all made fun of Alan for like a month. He felt like a total loser and a sucker. It was his St. Valentine's Day Massucker.
by KurtSteinerPL March 04, 2012
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