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Pretty lame college on San Antonio's west side. It's a backup school for many Catholic school kids which has a tendency to overbook residence halls. If you get stuck in one of those over-booked halls, have no worry - If St. Mary's students don't commute, they leave for the weekend. St. Mary's weekend atmosphere is therefore very quiet (abandoned), and their lack of extracurriculars besides sports and Greek organizations makes it pretty boring. Their expensive meal plans allow you only to buy food from its one cafeteria, which has prices slightly cheaper than carnival food but with quality much worse. Make sure your parents either give you a box of necessities or tons of money, because buying things like shaving cream or soap is quite an investment. Also home to Oyster Bake, a Fiesta event which gets so crowded that many students cannot move through the campus, therefore causing a hindrance to learning or studying that would take place in the weeks before finals.

So long story short: If you want an average education with overpriced room and board on a ghost town campus, go to StMU.
"Why did I choose to come to St. Mary's University?"
by 70 Lemons June 08, 2009
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