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A small suburban high school located in Saint Charles, Missouri. The current site was originally that of a military academy. In 1995, during renovations of the oldest section of the building (long known as A-building), the structure caught fire. A-building was saved only because of its hardy brick walls; the rest of the school was destroyed. The new SCHS building has a completely new design and features a nautical theme with art deco stylings. There are two floors and a basement level. The top two levels feature a 'commons' area where students can congregate before and after class. Many of the buildings on campus, including the Tech Building, the Auxilary Gymnasium, and the former Junior High School are products of WWII public work projects.
The school, while wishing to be modern and up with the times, tends to harbor conservative policies. The Administration tend to have little interest in students' suggestions or questioning of sometimes archaic rules. Teachers at the school are also very conservative, and don't have a problem with letting their jobs take a backseat to other pursuits (like inflating their egos). However, the ignorance of the faculty doesn't seem to have lasting effects on their students.
SCHS has block scheduling, with four alternating classes every other day.
Did you go to St. Charles High School?

Yes, I did. How did you know?

It says St. Charles High School β€˜Class of 1987’ on your shirt.


And the soulless look of your eyes, that too.
by Dmitri Evans September 22, 2006
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