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An act of love making that requires some heavy lifting. While in St. Augustine, a rather large women (preferably 250lb+) approaches you with an offer to "do the dirty", as they say, back at her place. You then pursue a counter offer and immediately take her to the closest pier. Once there, it is important to stay as close to the edge of the pier for optimal results. You proceed in the act of love making and midway through when enough strength and muscle is gathered, you thrust and push with all your might as she plummets off the side. Make your way as quick as possible to the edge in order to see the rare splash of a "big whale" that very few people witness.
- " How was your weekend, man?"
- " Dude, I made my way down to St. Augustine and got approached with an offer I couldn't refuse."
- " Say it ain't so, you.... pulled off the St. Augustine Big Whale?"
- " Sure did, it brought a tear to my eye."
by St. Augustine Big Whale May 11, 2014
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