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the feeling of being forced to grasp an uncircumsized penis or have one put into a body cavity without one's consent. Also, is not in any way attractive, but is the complete opposite and might even be a form of rape, depending on the severity. If you find yourself in a situation similar to this, please: run, hide, fight or just say no, because you will no in any way enjoy this situation. If you are too nice of a person to do any of those things, just try and find your happy place, because what may come next is not going to be pleasurable.
Adam without warning thrust his uncircumsized penis into Julia's hand without her consent. Julia felt complete disgust, rejected the offer. That may have been the smartest decision of her life because she could have been in store for much worse. She will we forever scarred by that Squirpily feeling, and have a deep, gaping hole in her life forever.
by SexyBadAssGod June 29, 2011
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