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As of August 2008, William, a.k.a. Squillard from myspace, resides in the small high desert town of Yucca Valley in southern California. His day consists of doing mostly nothing, but usually involves hanging out with good friends Baby Boi Mario and Xave. His favorite bands include The Fall of Troy, and Enter Shikari. He also enjoys going to hardcore shows and murdering babies (not really). He respects adult film actors and actresses for what they do, because somebody's got to do it. And he doesn't do drugs, alcohol, or premarital sex, but he is down for blow jobs and what not. His favorite video game is Pokemon and he rarely plays anything else. And that just about covers Squillard.
"Hey do you know Squillard?"

"You mean that fucking faggot from myspace? Yea fuck that loser ass cunt!"
by egyptianprincess August 23, 2008
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