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A sexually transmitted squirrel disease. same as aids just with

Sq in front of it.

My advice, don't get freaky with slutty Squirrel.
Hey guys that troll over there has Sqaids. lets shun the Sqaids carrier
by WhatsUpGmail February 06, 2010
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To say; to have said. Only those who are qualified to sqaid the word "sqaid" are those who are qualified to sqaid it. If you are not qualified to sqaid it, then you will most surely not be qualified to squaid it. That's all I'm going to sqaid about "sqaid."
example 1- "Let's play some baseball," sqaid the man sitting there, holding a gun and a baseball bat in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other, all the while sqaiding, "Let's play some baseball."

example 2- I sqaid things all the time. If I didn't sqaid things, no one would be able to know what I'm thinking; therefore, I go ahead and sqaid what's on my mind.

example 3- How many times do I have to sqaid to you that I have never sqaid anything to you about never squaiding anything to you ever again? I'm sick and tired of you sqaiding to me that I squaid something like that to you when you know darn well that I would never sqaid anything like that.
by Cpt. Electric November 29, 2010
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