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An universal, versatile word (neologism) for everything. Originated from the Sacha Baron Cohen movie 'Bruno' with influence from the German language.

Noun: spunkler (male), spunklerin (female)
Verb: spunkeln, verspunkeln
Adjective: spunkler, spunklig, spunkelbar
If someone fucks something up people might talk about it like this:

Spunkler #1: Hey this f'n spunkler totally verspunkelt it.
Spunkler #2: Yeah, he's such a spunkler.

Famous german saying: Im dunkeln ist gut spunkeln.
by Bavarian Spunkler November 25, 2009
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Spunkler: A sprinkler that sprays Jizz.
In Las Vegas there is a 3 year waiting list for the sex room that is equipped with a Spunkler.
by Allan Bearenstien September 21, 2015
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