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To talk utter nonsense and glorify a story or words
Spudism, to glorify a story with made up words and gain more extreme points.
by Inspector hector June 30, 2017
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A potato based proto-religion phonetically based upon Buddhism but not requiring that its followers (spudists) attain a high level of spiritual enlightenment.

Followers are frequently one of the following:

1. They are very fond of potatoes
2. They are undergoing a potato only diet.
3. They wish to express their dislike of religion by affirming their allegiance a goofy sounding faith. Such a stance is reinforced by attitudes of christian religious leaders who had, in past centuries, denounced the potato because it wasn't mentioned in their holy books.

A Spudist is also a derogatory term for religious Irish people.

A Spudist may also refer to someone that eats too many chips/fries/crisps
Spudism teaches us that the eating of fries is the true path to happiness.
by MrPorter February 28, 2013
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