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Seeking out information.

In the Futurama Movie: Benders Big Score, aliens from the nudist beach planet "Nudar" trap the Planet Express crew in an internet scam and eventually take over the planet Earth.

These aliens have an organ called the "sprunger" they use for sniffing out information. Throughout the movie they are "sprunging" about for information.
Bender: What are you doing, wonderful masters?
Fleb: Sprunjing for information.
(Nudar sprunjes a wall)
Nudar: Oh! There's something here. I can sprunje it. Robot, tear it open!
Bender: Goody, goody, goody, goody!
(Bender starts hitting the wall with his head)
Zoidberg: What's that thing on your neck?
Nudar: Checking out my sprunjer, huh?
Zoidberg: I guess. What does it do?
Nudar: It's a special sense organ our species possesses. It engorges in the presence of... moans Information.
Zoidberg: Lucky you. All I have is a gland that gives off foul odors when I'm bored.
(A quiet spraying sound is heard, then the nudists, Amy, and the Professor all look at Zoidberg and cover their noses)
(Bender finishes beating up the wall with his head)
Bender: Hey, look, a safe!
Farnsworth: That's my safe. I call keep-offsies.
Nudar: No callsies! Open it!
by ADPro October 13, 2009
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