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The overweight and/or unmotivated people who go tot he gym just before spring break or summer because they know they need to squeeze into a bathing suit. They can also be considered as those who go to the gym simply to say they go tot the gym. They may be spotted sitting/standing by machines socializing thus preventing the actual gym members from going about their usual gym tasks. They sometimes are actually working out on the machines but being that they only go to the gym once a week it is a waste of their time and the time of those dedicated gym goers who frequently get use out of the machines.
Note: Spring break fattys as often as they go or as hard as they seem to work fail to actually see results.
Damn dude, that girl is just sitting on the machine texting. That Spring Break Fatty needs to get out of here and stop wasting our time.
by Reel G March 30, 2011
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