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A term used to describe a fighting style in the sport of mixed martial arts. A "sprawl and brawl" fighter's goal is to avoid takedowns, remain in a standing position and strike with his opponent. Therefore, he will try to avoid takedowns by sprawling and other defensive grappling moves.

The sprawl is employed when a grappler shoots a takedown aimed at the sprawl and brawl fighter's legs. The sprawl and brawl fighter shoots his legs back and positions himself on top of his opponent's frame to avoid the takedown.

The sprawl and brawl fighter then gains separation from his opponent and tries to strike or "brawl" with his opponent while standing.

The term sprawl and brawl owes much of its origin to the martial arts style termed "ground and pound" which has earlier origins in the sport.
"Chuck Liddell can sprawl and brawl better than anyone else in the sport."
by Jonathan Zungre October 25, 2007
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