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A game put together to help relationships last longer and healthier by being able to "do" without getting bitched at.
Heres how you play: get 2 sets of straight couples (4 people) and trade.

Whatever one gender does their other does the same.
So say you have Jim & Carry as one couple and Ralf & Sarah as another couple you would switch. Now for a whole 7 hours Jim is now with Sarah and Ralf is now with Carry.
So if Ralf wants to kiss Cary then Jim gets to kiss Sarah.

If sarah tell Jim hes banned from using his phone then carry has to tell ralf he is also banned from using his phone.
If ralf gets to see carrys tits then jim gets to see sarah's tits.

Everyone has sexal or things they would like to say/do to other people. This game allows it while helping you live with no regrets. But just remember, what ever you are doing to his girl, hes doing to yours. But on the brightside, she cant bitch at you when its over because she got the same treatment!

Have fun!
"Hey what did you do this weekend?"
"Some spouse swinging"

"There is this really hot chick i wish i could just bang her once.."
"Try spouse swinging!"
by LoveDDoctorhh April 12, 2014
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