A commonly seen dad that is obsessed with their child's athletic ability. These dads can become highly aggressive when their child does something wrong in a sport such as, "pitching the ball an inch too far
to the right." These dads are obviously living their life through their sons, just because THEY didn't make it to the pros.
It is very easy to spot these dads at any sport activity. He is the one that is yelling the loudest and saying phrases such as, "Bo', Ima' whoop ur ass when we get home!" Another way to pick these dads out is if their son is the star quarterback, the best pitcher and batter, the point guard, and has sudden bruises on them that you didn't see the day before.
Chad: "Dude, look at Kyle's leg." "He's got a bruise the size of Montana."

Ben: "Isn't he supposed to go to USC on a full scholarship?"

Mike: "Yeah, he's really good at baseball too"

(Everyone with rolling eyes): "Sports Dad"
by Michael Sollabec January 26, 2006