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Origin: Originating from combining the words: spoon and sandwich.

Definition: A spoon involving three or more people. Typically, three people with one person as the big spoon, the little spoon and the middle spoon(s) between the big and little spoons. The gender of each spoon depends on the comfort levels of the people involved. Males or females that do not feel comfortable spooning another member of the same gender do not have to.

In layman's terms, a cuddle (involving at least three people) with all participants facing the same direction. A soft surface to cuddle on is necessary for any kind of spoon-based activity.

Likelihood: A common occurrence between friends that are comfortable with one another such as spooning buddies. Unlike spooning, the likelihood of forking is significantly lower with a spoonwich. However, data on how a spoonwich can lead to mass forking such as an orgy or a threesome, however unlikely, cannot be ruled out completely.

A synonym for Spoonsome, related to spooning buddies which accounts for more than three people since Double Decker Spoonwiches (5 people spooning) have been reported.
M: I've been feeling very down lately and need a hug.
R: I have a better idea! Let's spoonwich!
Y: I'm down.
M: Ok, so how does this work exactly?

R: M, you'll be the little spoon and Y will be the big spoon. Sounds simple enough?
M: Ok, sounds legit.

<Spoonwich between M, R and Y ensues>

M: I feel a lot better now.
R & Y: Us too.
by avid_spoonwicher July 26, 2011
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