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Spook Squad is a little known web comic created by 2 incredibly cool and intelligent sisters whose names are Amanda and Shawna Mauchline.

It centres around 6 ghost hunters

Alex: The leader of spook squad, he is intelligent and focussed yet, comes across as an asshole due to his hatred of RPG-ers and fools.

Gidget: She is fun,outgoing and often very bouncy, she has a love of disco and acts rather flamboyantly, she has pyrokinesis (ability to start fires with her mind) she also has a fiery temper (no pun intended)

Billy: He is aKwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw) Native. He is a shaman, and most of his rituals perform the funky chicken.
He is funny and laid back, and enjoys teasing the others (especially Ian).

Ian: he was born and grew up in London, then later moved to Vancouver where he joined the spook squad. he is sarcastic and overly dramatic. he is a goth.
He's a medium with a twist, whenever the spirit of a female possesses him, he changes physically into a female, he finds this very confusing and embarrassing. He does not like Billy.

Brian: He is mixed race (half Caucasian, half Chinese) he was not accepted by kids at school as he was considered too white by the Chinese kids and too yellow by the white kids. He finds he is a magnet for the dead. Which is why he joined spook squad, though he hates all the other members. he generally comes off as unpleasant, but deep down inside there is a nice person.

Marilyn: She has looks to die for, and is very intelligent, guys are only interested in her looks, and girls also hate her because she's so attractive. This upsets her alot as she is a nice person, and very shy. she is a clairvoyant.

In the comic strange characters and entities pop up from everywhere.
it's packed with humour and wit, and is impossible to read with a straight face.
it's equally impossible to not love this webcomic.

Also, Amanda and Shawna should definitely do some more of this webcomic because it just oozes awesome!

Person 1: Spook squad is awesome
Person 2: yes, it is, they should make some more!
by SevvySev January 03, 2009
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