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Spokane, Wa is located 300 miles east of Seattle, and 25 miles west of the Idaho state line. Also know as Spokangeles, Spokompton, or Spookaloo. Spokane has made National headlines over the last few years, due to its crooked cops. Police shootings of innocent citizens on the streets of Spokane have been on the rise over the last three years, and someone is shot cold blooded on an average of every 6 months.
Spokane, consists of a population of around 200,000 people. It has the poorest district in the State of Washington known as Hillyard. The city consists of more Potholes than people. The average median income is just over 30k a year, and the people who are making this kind of money are in the top 33% of the populaton. The other 66% are either unemployed, homeless, or work for around $10 an hour or less. Driving in Spokane may be were the definition of "road rage" was born. Picture yourself driving in a city that is locked into a "Sunday Afternoon Drive" mentality all day, every day, and you will get the picture of what it is like to drive in Spokane. Spokane is stuck in the 80's, and it's not uncommon to see a dude in his 50's rolling around town on a bmx bike, sporting a mullet and acid washed jeans, listening to Whitesnake. Spokane consists of 90% White population and the other 10% Black and other race. Spokane has one of the worst gang problems in America per capita. On the good side, Spokane has one of the largest downtown Wi-fi hot spots, which covers most of the downtown area. The climate usually brings a considerable amount of snow in the winter and has 6 ski resorts within 2 hours of the city. The summers are dry and outdoor recreation is plentiful. Real Estate and Rentals are affordable, and the air is still fresh! Spokane, Washington USA is no longer accepting people moving in from out of state. The city is Full!
by SpokaneSucks February 27, 2011
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