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The school of thought surrounding a cultures treatment of spoilers in the media. Most cultures accept it is necessary now to warn people in recent media that an article or review of something *may contain spoilers*

The case of Spoilerism is one in particular that deals with an undeclared cut off date at which people can freely discuss an 'older media'. For example after something has reached the point at which it is on DVD and available at all local libraries.
The sentiment of the more radical... Spoilerism, or Survival of the Spoilerist - wherein, "if you have not after this grace period managed to watch said spoiled media, you dont get to whine about something being spoiled by office conversation or public discussion, as logic follows any such media of such importance would have already warranted viewing. Considerations made for POW's, members of cults, liberated mennonites, etc.. "

The more conservative spoilerist is angered by this, and considers the entire act one of terrorism, in which the show or movie is now ruined essentially and not worth watching at all now. Particularly common among enraged fanboys etc.

Most people can distinguish between the easy non-spoiler such as Titanic or Snakes on a Plane. But even in this case the spoiler sensitive may take offense.
by f8tus November 19, 2010
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