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A "spoiler soiler" is that one dickhead that ruins those times when you tell your friend some fake-ass spoilers. They should just stick with the joke and mentally ruin your naive friend, but they just HAD to ruin the joke.

It can be even worse by replacing the fake spoiler with a real spoiler.
Steve: "Yo, Cornelius! Did you know Hodor totes bangs Jon Snow in seasons 6?!"
Cornelius: "Oh my god, really! I didn't watch it! Damn, Steve, you are a huge peeeeenis."
Lisa: "Hey, Cornelius, that didn't actually happen. Steve is just lying."
Steve: "Goddammit Lisa! Don't be such a spoiler soiler!"
*steve dies*
by whattheheckyheckisgoingrn July 02, 2018
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