Spoice is an exclamation of gratitude towards life. It's the proper word to use when you find yourself in a situation involving a multitude of positive things at once. You may only utter it with pure joy behind it.

Derived from snowboarding culture by people living in dreamworld.
You walk into hour house to discover a bus load of cheerleaders naked on the couch because their bus broke down and their clothes got lost At this time you are permitted to yell Spoice to no one in particular, but rather to the world as a whole.
by yobeat September 6, 2013
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A term used in snowboarding when you stomp a crazy trick with hella steez and ride away like a boss and get overly pumped and stoked on what you just landed and get really amped up. Commonly used by Sage kotsenburg "Keep it spoice"
Can be used in day to day life if you accomplish something steezy and you get
Mate a stomped a backside 1620 cross rocket the other day, I was so spoice.
Every time sage stomps his tricks like a boss I get so spoise
by Haukur Ægir June 18, 2014
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