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Days when nothing seems to go right, as if you have had a transporter accident and beamed into a parallel universe where everything is harsher, more vile, and more difficult. Just as you begin to wonder why you seem to be so out of sync with things, you notice that Spock has a beard.
You are headed to work by the route you take every day, but the buses are running off schedule, so suddenly you are running late. Then you find that your usual coffee spot got burned down in the riots the night before. You get to the train to find that your usual train has broken down, so there are almost double the passengers on the next one, and you have to stand all the way. Finally, you get to work to find your boss is pissed that you missed the morning meeting that you didn't get the notice for yesterday anyway. And so it goes all day. Finally, you get home, crack a beer, switch on the tube, and only old re-runs of Star Trek are playing, but you notice that Spock has a beard.
by morbidius June 16, 2011
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