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The 1,021 spleen in your body, the ABSOLUTE MODT IMPORTANT spleen in your body. The 1,021 spleen was created/invented/found/founded by The Advertiser of the 10/21 crew. Thus giving it it's name Spleen 1,021. Easily confused with Spleen 73, which Spleen 73 is a very important spleen but not the most important. Remember the 1,021 spleen is in different places than anyone else's (unless you're in "The 10/21 Crew") and you have different amounts of spleens. Spleen 1,021 is the most important spleen for 367 days of the year, and after 34.2 years Spleen 1,021 will kill other spleens that are not important. You may ask "Why is spleen 73 important?" Well there is an easy answer for that, if you take 7+3 it is = to 10, and 7•3 is = to 21; making 10/21. But there is another important spleen you NEED to know about, spleen number 0/2. Why is spleen 0/2 important. If you take the absolute value of 0/2 (write it down and put 0/2 beside each other like it is typed on here, don't put it as a fraction) it equals 10/21, don't believe me. |0/2|... There you go it clearly says 10/21. So that is my story about spleens. Remember GetHyperGetRekt and #Save10/21.
Tyler: (walks in room and pokes Breyer) Why is your Spleen so squishy.

Breyer: I don't know, Spleen Number 1,021 is always squishy.

Tyler: (walks in room holding arm)

Breyer: What's wrong Tyler?

Tyler: Spleen Number 1,021 hurts.
by TenTwentyOne October 29, 2014
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