Splash Effect- A splash effect is the pattern in which normally considered ''dangerous'' objects that have been thrown in haphazard manner fall or land.
Example # 1- If someone were able to throw a handful of paint balls at a target and pop them, the pattern in which they marked the target WOULD be know as a splash effect.
continuation of example # 1~ If some one were to fire a paintball gun from the same distance as the person throwing the paintballs with even a minimum amount of skill they would leave a distinctly different pattern and this WOULD NOT be known as a splash effect.

Example # 2-Two guys are playing a game of beer pong one scores and the other, drunk and upset, picks up a hand full of darts that are near him and throws them at his opponent. The random pattern in which the objects land and the haphazard manner in which they are thrown is called a splash effect.

Example # 3-A small group of friends are hanging out in another friends garage and they find a bag full of ninja stars. One sees a poster on the wall and picks up a hand full of ninja stars, but instead of expertly throwing them one at a time to a designated target area on the poster they throw all of the ninja stars at once towards the general direction of the poster. The pattern in which they land is known as a splash effect.
by Kittycom86 September 14, 2010
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