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This is where some nasty little heale of a spite monkey usually a teenager or pre-teen has an idea for a definition for Urban Dictionary. They look it up and find your definition of ‘their’ word already in place and approved by a lot of people. True to the spite monkey mentality they immediately hit the thumbs down symbol, they then contact any like-minded losers they call friends and get them to do the same thing. They don’t bother trying to get their own definition accepted but boast about how they beat the fuck out of yours. It’s possible to hope that one day they will actually grow up, but unfortunately so many of them will remain nothing more than disagreeable little snot splatters for their entire lives.
“My latest definition on Urban Dictionary has picked up loads of dislikes, I don’t understand why.”
“It’s the spite monkey’s revenge, mate. Some little turd reckons you nicked their definition and this is a way of getting back at you.”
by AKACroatalin June 27, 2015
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