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V. Throwing up the next morning after a long night of drinking.
"I have a feeling if anything goes in this body other than a sip of water ever 30 minutes I might have a spit-fit."
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(n) The act of throwing a skits, shit fit, spit the dummy, go nuts. Spitfits occur through open dialogue and multimedia where the Spitfee screams out accusations, assumptions and cruel words which are demeaning to the victims gender, ethnicity and intellect. Vents of clear saliva takes place when a person is having a Spitfit.
An abundance of overwhelming complex situations trigger a Spitfee to make atrocious outbursts which makes them look like sadistic morons especially when things don't work out the way they had hoped.

Cruel words can be as damaging to a person as Spitfire planes were damaging to innocent human beings.
A Spitfit reveals a lot about a persons character and usually results in loss of friendships.


Bobby: "Here's that book I promised to lend you"
Zane: "You're one day late you fucking idiot. I told you that I needed it Tuesday not Wednesday"
Bobby: "Sorry mate, I've had one hell of a week and I lost track of time because I've been so busy"
Zane: "Fuck off, you lying prick. I don't believe anything you say anymore, you make me sick with your excuses"
Zane: "Excuses! WTF, You ungrateful jerk. I've been nothing but a loyal and kind to you. Your Spitfit has made me realize that I've been giving you credit far more than you deserve, just stay away from me before I wreck that lame face of yours"
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