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Unamerican, impulsive, with a disregard for potential consequence.
Arizonan: "Spiquay (or piquay). It’s piquay. When they say she fell off the balcony when laughing too hard, it's piquay for saying that she laughed at a spick."

French: "You can't just pee off a balcony. It might land on someone." ... "Yes. But, it is just a little spiquayed!" (Pee-ons. Verb. It is a pee-onning. A pee awning. .... He is pee yawning.)

Texan: "A little spiquayed, it's a little spick Wade." (... 's whimming.)

Cockney: "Pick oy? .... Oh, pick away."
by The whizzer of AZ August 22, 2017
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