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1. A wimp. A person without a spine. Someone who has others do the dirty work for them. Someone who backs down from confrontation or sneaks around and has others do the job for them.

2. A human being that physically has male reproductive organs but doesn't know the first thing about being a real man.

3. When someone is overcontrolled by their girlfriend and does anything she says to do without regard for himself.

4. A weak person who lacks courage, backs away and possibly runs in light of confrontation.

5. One who screws his friends over to cover his own cowardly ass

6. A weak person that always gets stepped on. All talk and no action. A non-vocal vocalist. Someone who will recieve a Dirty sanchez willingly and then complain to their peers about it later. Spineless fuck,supreme follower with alot of mouth. Coward of the highest order.

7. cowards who suck at everything except running off like little bitches.A genuine pussy.
Ashwin : Holy titty fuck, you still live you bastardo !! i thought my friends had beaten the living daylights out of you.

Daya : Only a spineless fuck like you would get a bunch of friends to fight me instead of confronting me yourself.I drove my fists through their chest and now i am gonna break your fucking face and rip off your lips and use them to kiss my dog's ass ┌∩┐ ►_◄ ┌∩┐

Ashwin : i may suck at many things but i am good at 1 thing *runs like the spineless fuck he is*

Daya: You are dead mother fucker !!! *catches Ashwin and beats the living shit out of him*

*Ashwin craps in his pants and finally draws his last breath*
by zingeraddict October 02, 2011
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