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A fun family game originated by Sean Lock on 8 Out Of 10 Cats S12E07.

First of all, you must go on the search for some roadkill. Once you have succeeded with this, you need to extract the spine from the animal and then break up all the individual bits of vertebrae - you then place this all in a sack/bag.

Now find a willing volunteer and bounce the sack up and down on their head.

Their job is to guess the animal the spine belongs to.

Also known as: Back In A Bag.
(Result of a game of Spine In A Sack)

Sean Lock: ummmmm, is it chipmunk Dad?

Sean Lock's Dad: Don't be stupid that's not even indigenous. How am I going to find that on a road? Work harder Sean, work harder!
by barenessawareness November 08, 2011
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