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Adj/noun/verb • {spif-m-dur-man} • the word of which can describe or name how you feel, what you are doing and how something is.

The word 'Spifmderman' can also be an alteration to spiderman if you've just had your wisdom teeth pulled out and/or have been punched in the jaw and your doctor decides to stuff cotton balls in your mouth.
The beauty of this word is that no one really knows what you mean so it's a great basis for best friends to create code words and such.
Life is like so spifmderman.
Do you like spifmderman?
I spifmdermaned him.

He looks so spifmderman
Im so Spifmderman right now!!!
Do you even spifmderman?
by Aspiring World Revolutionizer. January 06, 2013
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