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The mastermind behind the invasion of Deimos and Phobos in the hit 1993 computer game, Doom, from id games. The SpiderDemon was a goofy looking monstrosity that moved with great speed and boasted a highly accurate chaingun, which had approximately 60% accuracy, even from across the entire (rather large, I must say) battlefield from its prey. The chaingun was something to fear, as the only shelter was a small protrusion in the center of the battlefield, and ammunition and such could only be found along the outsides of the level. Players HAD to grab extra ammunition, unless cheating to automatically refill it. A powerful combatant, and the final boss of the first game, yet its goofy appearance and overall awkwardness caused it to become an enemy no one ever mentions anymore, as opposed to the CyberDemon, who moved on to do bigger and greater things.
The SpiderDemon was strange.
by Bo Duke... February 16, 2005
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