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Before an intimate night with her man, a woman hides a bottle of hot sauce next to the bed. Post fellatio, the woman adds some of the hot sauce to her mouthful of man juice, thus creating a venomous con"cock"tion. The woman then bites the "victim" like unto a spider (i.e. a brown recluse or camel (toe) spider or even banana spider) injecting the poison into the man who is still in a post cum delirium. To add insult to injury, she can also spit in his grill piece.
Nate: Dude, I know why they call Jen the black widow!
Mikel: Oh really, why?
Nate: Yeah! Last night she gave me a spicy spider!
Mikel: Totally tubular bro.!
by nathaniel69 January 01, 2008
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