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When you chili dog a gal using red freds.

Chili doggin' is of course when you drop a pile of turds (or puddle of diarrhea) between a pair of breasts then proceed to titty fuck using the feces as lubrication. Red freds are turds that are distinctly red with blood, and it is that beautiful crimson red--like from hot chilies--that makes it a Spicy Chili Dog. It should be noted that the unique texture and consistency of the red fred makes for the most pleasurable chili doggin' experience.
I though this intestinal ulcer was a horrible curse because I have been dropping red freds for the last month. But ever since I discovered the Spicy Chili Dog I hope it never heals. My bloody turds are a world class lubricant and they have made the skin on my genitals and my grandmother's breast soft and wrinkle free.
by Goat Pellet Muncher May 29, 2009
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