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Can be used to mean "excuse me" or "sorry about that"

Shortform for the Spanish word "dispensa"

Pronounced: Spence

Also use: Spensa
Prounced: Spen-Saw

Also used when someone is "showing off"
In a situation: You bump into someone on accident and say "Spense"

In a sentence: I heard your dog died today. spense.

Showing off: Tommy bought the new Jordans? SPENSE!!!
by Jojo Peligrosso April 07, 2008
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Slang for the word, "expensive"

Pronounced: Spence'
In a situation: You try to buy a sandwich at an airport but it is costly or expensive - you say, "That sandwich is Spence!"

In a sentence: Damn Didi, I just tried to buy one of those sandwiches, bullshit is Spence.

Showing off: You think you got game? I got 6 pairs of Jordans yesterday, and they spense!
by nerdstarwars August 17, 2011
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