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Really the most amazing guy you will ever meet. Has the most beautiful deep dark brown eyes that you could gaze into for hours. Is the best boyfriend anyone could ever get; handsome, funny, smart, athletic. When you are in his arms you feel like you are safe and warm and nothing will ever hurt you and you will want to freeze time right then and there. Has a strange addiction to his hats. But you can always take them after school and know that he will catch you. Sounds dangerous, but is actually the best feeling in the world when he ends up catching you. No matter how hard you try, you will never meet a guy half as good as him. And the spaces between your fingers are right where his fit perfectly. Whenever he holds your hand, you will feel like jumping around and start singing a silly love song. He always looks out for you even if you assure him, you are perfectly fine. Does not want anything to happen to his novia. He is just all around the most perfect guy you will ever meet. :)
Did you see how he was treating his girl the other night?
Yeah, he was a total Spencer Quattlebaum.
by iloveyoutimestwobaby October 06, 2011
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