General "loser-for-life" who is a legend in his own mind. Attempts to gain popularity through high-school-like ways such as:
1) "Making up" rap music using shitty equipment, a half-ass beatbox, and adding non-sensical words.
2) Lying to potential friends about his "successes" in music (see 1), when in reality, he never had any good original material & simply stole from others.
3) Dresses up in his choice of 'fancy' clothes such as Phat Farm & Johnny Blaze so his looks like a 'thug'; his parents still pay for all of it, but he still look stupid anyways.

Beyond dressing for the part, has also been known to act like a thug, but actually is just a lil mama's boy. Opposite of wordwigger/word. To date, has had no friends due to his superficiality.
by Actual Musician March 19, 2003
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