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A village located in remote southern russia, where the infamous kenyan mafia are based. And romour has it, that chuck norris is in hiding there, from MI5. The mafia rule the village, but a rebel alliance has formed to try and overthrow the mafia.
A typical rebel is a bit of a badman and wears nothing but badger skins sewn together to form a terroist - like outfit. they travel in groups of exactly seven and ride mini motorbikes painted either pink or yellow. they live in holes dug into the floor using only spoons.
the village is full of crime and reported gay rape. no one is yet to adventure there properly apart from one member of the SAS who got lost on a mission trying to nuke russia.
it is considered a dump, and there is nothing to do there apart from get raped by the kenyan mafia and then shot by the badman rebels.
Person1: did you hear that chuck norris is hiding in speldhurst?
person2: who would want to go to speldhurst?
person1: chuck norris
by georgewozere February 26, 2011
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