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When you go to a Specialist to be diagnosed with disabilities, or a terminal illness to be rewarded with advantages that come with the previously stated; Such as, weed, scholarship monies, pain killers, sympathy from hot women, winning the special Olympics, etc. etc. etc.

In order to receive these benefits, you must be evaguated with the doctors vag, if you preform well enough you will be rewarded with your disability/illness.
Guy goes to a Psychiatrist to get evaguated to prove he's dyslexic. The guy proceeds to be evaguated by the female doctor, whom in turn gives him a proof he's dyslexic and is awarded scholarship money, and help through out his college days.

Guy goes to a Brain-O-Cologist to see if he has brain cancer, he gets evaguated and then get's medical weed from doctor!

Specialist Evaguation
by Doctor Doctor Gimme the News! October 02, 2010
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