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Used by IT support people when referring to users who need "special attention". Usually non-technical people (especially HR) who:

- do not have any clue how to use a computer

- cannot see the obvious

- cannot read or follow simple instructions

- will constantly complain that "the system is broken" because they don't know how to use it

- don't know what a web browser is (sure sign they are using IE)

- are the very reason people should be licensed before being allowed near a computer

- are the bane of existence for all IT support people

Special Users are not limited to non-IT people. Especially ones who announce that they have 14 years of experience in IT, and then use terms like "reverse backslash".
IT support person 1: "Someone from HR just logged an incident. It says 'I can't can't submit this online form. It keeps giving me an error message. The system must be broken. Can you please investigate?'. And they have included a screenshot which clearly shows that they have not completed a mandatory field . . ."

IT support person 2: *Facepalm* "I'll flag them as a Special User, then send them an email explaining what a mandatory field is and what they need to do to "fix" it."
by Sager_ September 23, 2014
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