This is a code word for all the words that are considered inappropriate to say (such as Vagina, Dick, Sex, Penis, etc.). It is commonly used when helping an uneducated individual understand the meaning of said words.
Friend 1: "I have a vagina."
Innocent Friend 2: "Stop using all these Spanish words, you know I don't understand them."
Friend 1: "A vagina is..."
by Syre Fayne February 11, 2018
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a lovely nice sweet person who u would love in ur bed (unless ur a girl):P and her mom is very sexy
guy - he sexy
linda- i know;)
linda -spanish word
by tony shen February 17, 2009
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Words in spanish cmon its in the word
I want to learn some spanish words it would help
by Oblivious Jr May 29, 2017
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